Welcome To Digitally Done, Inc.

Many small businesses typically are challenged in maintaining their electronic-based systems. A permanent computer staff is difficult to attract and oftentimes unaffordable. Since 2012 Digitally Done, Inc. (DDI) has assisted small businesses in meeting this challenge. Digitally Done, Inc is a technology-based company, specializing in computer consulting and support.

In catering to smaller businesses we provide unbiased consulting for our client’s operations. We offer personalized attention to those businesses that do not have a full-time computer specialist on staff or have experienced marginal results from previous efforts with IT companies, or just need assistance for one-time technical project. A great deal of time is spent in understanding the client’s business operations and growth objectives. Structuring systems to meet present day needs and building in growth capability to match the client’s vision for the future is something that we take very seriously.

Costs are always a concern and it is our policy to keep the customer apprised of its impact.

Network Design Solutions

DDI can benefit those clients that need to install networking capability, upgrade facilities, move, or want to redesign an existing system. From design and layout, installing all cabling and equipment from network cabinets to printers, video surveillance, and WiFi. We do it all – everything that a small business should need.

Value Selection

Many times solutions are presented to small businesses by major suppliers with software sales and expensive extended maintenance contracts as their primary incentives. We will team with businesses in reviewing and questioning needs, challenging proposals, offering alternatives and, above all, assuring value without compromising results.